Friday, March 29, 2013

Supporting Baltimore's Local Artists and Establishments

When we got together to talk about our mission at A Taste of Painting, Trevor and I (as artists ourselves) discussed the challenges of being an artist and getting your work out into the public view.  You must constantly be creating your art and all the while marketing yourself to the masses.  Many artists don't have the know-how, time or desire to be their own marketing agent nor do we have the money to hire someone to do it for them.  Thus, we came up with our plan:

Why not create a way for the public to have fun and create art while promoting and supporting local artists in the Baltimore area?  It seems like a no brainer.  With Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) right around the corner as well as Towson University, Baltimore is definitely not short on art talent.  And, the town is itching for stuff like this!

On top of supporting local artists by giving them a chance to teach in front of a group of people they might not normally come in contact with, Trevor and I decided to host the events at local Baltimore restaurants, bars, wineries, galleries, coffeehouses (you name it!). With the economy in the state it is, local business need a push too!  I have a hard time watching stores like Ladybugs and Fireflies in Federal Hill close shop when places like Toys R' Us continually grow to warehouse proportions. So, let's say hello again to the little man, the small business owner and the entrepreneur!  It's time for t
hem to shine. 

We're always looking for painters, illustrators or art teachers that want a unique way to get their name out there while communing with the public, making their personality as much of a draw as their art.  If you're interested in becoming a local artist who teaches painting classes with A Taste of Painting, email your resume and your website or portolio to

For venues who want to host painting events in the Baltimore area, register on our website at

Local Baltimore Artists Join A Taste of Painting!

Lara Kaminoff Illustration 
Begotten in the wilds of Canada by a clown and an actress, Lara and her brother grew up surrounded by books and circuses. When she was still a wee lass, Lara and her family stowed away in the guts of an ancient Zamboni and made a slow but steady break for the U.S. border, eventually settling in Seattle. Lara attended Maryland Institute College of Art on a Canadian Refugee scholarship and now lives and works in Baltimore, a city she is proud to proclaim is no longer the murder capitol. She spends her days drawing, writing and counting local cats. 206.818.5156

 Monique Roberson-Langley 
Monique attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Multimedia/Web Design and is now a local Baltimore artist and creator/designer of Nikdapooh Designs. The nickname Nik da Pooh was given to her by her Uncle Clifford. He would sing the Winnie the Pooh songs but add Nik the Pooh in all the verses.  As an adult those songs remind her to stay young at heart, slow down and think like a Pooh.

Monique creates eclectic terrariums using re-purposed light bulbs, original hand sculpted clay creatures and unique wearable art made of sculpted clay and found objects. She designs without molds for her original sculptures and clay jewelry. Her 2D paintings are whimsical, bright and imaginative nature/animal themes that have fine details and bold expressions.

She's inspired by bold patterns in fabrics, bright contrasting colors, unique nature themes, anything vintage and lots of texture.

She homeschools her two children in her Baltimore City home and volunteers at her neighborhood art center 901 Arts


Painting Parties are the "Cat's Pajamas"!

A Taste of Painting is the Cat's Pajamas! Well, ok, they just painted a cat for National Cat Day on Oct. 29th!

Delicious! Painting Parties in Roland Park

A perfect night consists of a little Rioja and lovely cheese from The Old Vine in Roland Park, some local Baltimore artist talent, and a delicious looking cake to paint. All held at the Mitchell School of Fine Arts on Falls Rd.

Spring has SPRUNG! And so has A Taste of Painting!

Baltimore in March....There are buds on the trees and I've seen the sun for the first time in what seems likes months!  The Federal Hill Annual Easter Egg Hunt is tomorrow, which, in my mind, always marks the beginning of warmer weather with hundreds of kids in their patent leather finery fiercely battling it out for the coveted golden eggs.  There is certainly an energy in the air and the promise that better things are on the horizon!  And while spring has officially sprung in Baltimore, there is new growth too with A Taste of Painting.  We have just opened our proverbial doors to offer Baltimore's best (and only) Painting Party events! 

Stop hibernating, pack up the winter coats, get outside and enjoy the new weather!  Call your friends and do something fun and artistic!  Book a Spring Party on the rooftop deck, garden patio, or favorite local park.  Or if you're still not ready to be outside until the weather hits 70, there are plenty of venues to choose from to hold your event.

So, what are you waiting for?  What could be better than a little food, drink and art with your closest friends?

Book a party at

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Taste of Painting - Baltimore Painting Parties

Baltimore's Painting Party and Art Classes has arrived!  Welcome to a Taste of Painting where you can eat, drink, and socialize while you paint. Book now!